My Story

I’m Eliza and I have been providing holistic, naturopathic solutions for patients for over 20 years.

I have been working as a professional Naturopath in Sydney’s CBD for over 10 years and overseas.  I am now located on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and am also available online for people anywhere.

From solving simple or previously unexplained and complex health issues, and in helping families grow with natural fertility and family health, my experience has helped solidify my passion for alternative health strategies and their success.

I treat people holistically and intuitively to help people unravel long term issues.   Nothing is black and white when it comes our health. Due to the holistic nature of our body’s, an issue or disease will have many contributing factors. It is my job to find those factors, prioritise and treat people in a way that fits them be it dietary and lifestyle suggestions, herbal medicine or nutritional therapy, functional testing or even referral advice.

Eliza Blackwood

Naturopathy  Nutrition  NES Health
Adv. Dip Nat, Dip. Nut, Dip RM,  Reiki Mast. Member CMA

My Philosophy

The aim of holistic naturopathy is to restore health and vitality.

Integrity, empathy and care are what I believe to be important values in any health practitioner. Naturopaths are in a unique position with their patients, where we have learnt how to connect with and understand people. We take the time to understand and get to know people which is fundamental in my view, in understanding not just people’s issues but where their issues are coming from.

After working in a high-end health resort overseas it was clearly evident to me how holistic care can get amazing results. With multiple practitioners from different health disciplines working as a team discussing an individual guest’s health issues and progress, it created an environment for people to get the most profound and quick improvements in their health.

In my practice, for a holistic approach, not only do I treat the whole body but I will always work with other practitioners that are also supporting my patients to achieve the best outcome for their health goal.