Natural Fertility

Reproductive health and fertility is one of my specialties. I am passionate about natural fertility and what it can achieve and work with people on all different paths to starting or expanding their family.  Whether you are experience problems or reproductive health issues, are on an IVF program or just conscious parents to be,  I am able here to support you.

Preconception Care

Preconception care is about bringing you to the peak of your health as we see health and fertility is intrinsically linked.  

Choosing to start or expand a family is an exciting time but can also be very stressful time.  Whether you are planning to become pregnant or already trying, programs are tailored very much to your needs.   Naturopaths follow evidenced-based preconception programs that have demonstrated not only improved fertility rates, but reducing miscarriage, and making way for a healthy, easy, pregnancy, birth and beyond.

IVF Support

The IVF process can be like a rollercoaster in not only emotions but health as well. I am experience in working with people and couples who are under fertility specialist care and I  offer expert complementary therapies, advice and nutritional support to not only ensure that you stay on top of your health for the smoothest ride possible, but to improve your chances for a happy, healthy pregnancy as well.

When people take time out to prepare for their next IVF cycle with a Natuopathic preconception care program, we see clear improvements in both egg quality and semen health that is invaluable to process.

Your IVF support journey will be personalised with care and in alignment with your goals. This service is offered to all types of people, and their unique situations, single, opposite sex and same sex couples. I extend to you my full support would be honoured to be part of this amazing process.

Pregnancy & Parenthood

Pregnancy is a time of fluctuating nutritional needs, new symptoms alongside an incredible, changing body. I will be there with you during this time to assess your nutritional and health needs, keep you informed of the process of pregnancy care, and aim keep you feeling well,  minimising pregnancy health issues. Pregnancy care supports you toward safe, easy childbirth.

I want to ease your worries, offering guidance and a more natural approach to pregnancy and childbirth than in what can often be a very medicalised process. 

Beyond birth (otherwise known as fourth trimester) Naturopathic support can again ensure adequate nutrition, breastfeeding advice as well as advice on rhythms and routine, feeding solids, sleeping, and childhood illness.