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Naturopathy is people-focused health care and a truly holistic, natural approach to medicine, health and wellness. There is no issue that a Naturopath can’t offer support for.

Grounded in the medical sciences, Naturopath’s also draw on nutrition, herbal medicine, diagnostics and an understanding of the amazing, inter-related functionality of the body to identify and address deeper causes of your symptoms, illness or imbalance. 

Your capacity to enjoy life is directly related to your physical, psychological and spiritual health. Being healthy is not merely the absence of disease, but a feeling of complete physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual well-being. It’s a state of equilibrium and vitality.

The body is excellent at letting you know if it’s not functioning properly, thus symptoms are very useful tools. Feeling fatigued, constantly worried or anxious, constipated, headaches, menstrual cramping, tell you that your body is not happy and you need to change something!

After a full naturopathic health and dietary assessment, I will be able to map out treatment recommendations to get you back to feeling healthy and well.


Our hormones are the chemical regulators of our body. If you are troubled by symptoms such as low libido, irregular periods, weight gain, skin issues, sleeping problems or hot flushes, then your hormonal health may need help.

The hormonal chemistry of our body is very individual and influenced by our diet, lifestyle, genetics, stress and other health issues.

A Naturopath can help identify and target the root cause of your hormonal issues with holistic assessment and, if necessary, hormonal testing.  There are both specific nutrients, and herbal medicines that may be prescribed to bring change and wellbeing, restoring your body back to its ideal hormonal balance.


Naturopaths are experts in digestive health.

We believe that our digestive system is the centre of our health. It is where we absorb the nutrients that make us who we are and can affect our total body’s health and wellbeing.  Bloating, discomfort or pain after eating, gassiness, or changes in bowel patterns indicate that something is imbalanced and needs to be addressed.

A Naturopath uses a range of digestive health tests and health assessments to pinpoint the reason for your symptoms then uses a combination of dietary and lifestyle adjustments, herbal medicine and nutritional’s to bring balance and health.

Whether your symptoms are vague and difficult to pin-point or if you have been diagnosed with serious digestive issue, there is always something that can be done and support I can offer. Act now and come in for an appointment to find out how I can help you.


There’s nothing more beautiful than natural, healthy, glowing skin – and nothing more frustrating than skin problems. All kinds of skin conditions can be treated by a Naturopath – eczema, hives, acne, infection, rosacea and even those mystery skin issue that are difficult to diagnose. 

My first step is to investigate the root causes of your skin issues. Our skin health relies on a healthy body, in particular balanced hormone and detoxification systems to be clear and symptom free. 

After investigating your health I will recommend tried and tested herbs and key nutrients to target skin repair and regeneration, usually combined with diet and lifestyle suggestions. We will have you glowing again!

I am experienced in all kinds of skin issues, including stubborn eczema and adult acne, I focus on a holistic approach to skin health, working from the inside out to achieve result. Ask me how I can help you.


Constantly being sick is a sign that our immune system is down. Another issue that affects many people’s immunity is auto-immune issues that can manifest itself from anything from digestive troubles, to arthritis or complicated diseases such as Multiple sclerosis.

Our body’s immune system is complex, both energetic and physical in nature and completely amazing!  I take a holistic approach to immune health issues knowing that no two people are the same. With proper investigation, nutrition and specific, immunomodulating herbal medicines, we can get you on track again to efficient, balanced immunity.

Weight Management

My focus is on balanced, healthy weight management. Very restrictive diets with intensive exercise regimes can sometimes leave the body depleted and in stress. This won’t work long term.

Ideally, long term weight balance is about returning to an appropriate body composition which is achieved by creating healthy balance between biological health, diet, movement, and mental/emotional health. Addressing weight with this holistic approach allows someone to more easily maintain it

There are many contributing factors to consider that can cause weight retention or lack or retention. These include blood sugar dysregulation, insulin & leptin sensitivity, thyroid activity and other hormonal imbalances, poor dietary habits, digestive issues, levels of activity and more.

By looking each person’s individual and unique health patterns, I can tailor a program that will encourage healthy, and sustainable weight balance.