Detox Programs

Offload toxins, slim down, flush, clear, and cleanse to energise,  rejuvenate and feel amazing.

There are 3 detox programs to choose from that are adjusted to suit your needs:

  • 3 week detox program – is designed to support the whole body, not just the liver, for a balanced detox that will leave you feeling energetic, happy and well.
  • 6 week detox program – allows the body to access deeper levels, aiming to transform your health and assist in recovery from health issues.  A true system reset.
  • Deep Skin Detox – a specialised detox for clear skin (and clean body!) Clear skin is healthy skin and the Deep Skin Detox is designed to fast-track your skin’s health. People with all kinds of skin issues use this program as we tailor your detox to your individual needs.  This detox is 6-8weeks.

Everyone can benefit from detoxification and we recommend doing a detox at lease once per year.

To get your prescription detox program book I need to first understand your goals and an give you a full naturopathic health and dietary assessment so book in for your initial naturopathic appointment now.