Children's Health

Children and teenagers have very different needs to adults.  The challenge in treating children's health is being able to understand their issues as they can't easily express it themselves.  
Naturopaths are in unique position to be able to read the signs that children can reveal about the health through thorough case taking and Naturopathic diagnostic techniques.   
Treatments used a natural, non-invasive and without side effects or repercussions on the body.  Any therapeutic products prescribed are evidence based and of the highest quality, utilising the latest research in herbal medicine and nutrition.

How can a Naturopath help my child?

A Naturopathic approach to children's health is holistic.  In your first consultation with a Naturopath the parent/s or carer will be asked to fill in a detailed health questionnaire and history prior to the consultation.  This allows your Naturopath to see the bigger picture of the child's health and to be able to spend more time connecting to and understanding your child during the consultation.
At the end of the initial consultation, a treatment approach is discussed. Recommendations might include dietary and lifestyle adjustments, nutritionals or herbal medicines, functional health testing or pathology. Any recommendations are explained so you, the parent/carer can make an educated choice with treatment options and changes.

As a Naturopath treats the person, not the disease or symptoms, we can offer help with any condition or complaint. Commonly, we have helped kids with:

  • digestive issues and tummy complaints,
  • Sleep issues or fatigue
  • anxiety
  • recurrent ear, nose, throat infections
  • ADD, ADHD, Autism and other spectrum disorder

The list continues. Contact Eliza today to find out how she can help you.