5 Tips to a Super-Powered Immune System

Our immune system is incredibly complex and vast, there is still so much we don’t understand about it.  One thing is for sure is that supporting our intelligent, natural immunity is key to being strong and healthy.  Resilience is the key to stay healthy this winter.

5 tips for supporting our natural immune activity and resilience this winter:

  • Our digestive health is vital to good immunity.

With over 70% of our immune system is housed in the digestive system and more immune reactions happen in our digestive system in a day than the rest of our body in a year, supporting immunity means taking care of diet and ensuring good gut balance. Immune system issues such as many auto-immune conditions have strong links to digestive health so eat well, encourage good gut flora and seek help if things are not right.


  • Sleep gives us vital immune energy

It is a fact that less than 5hrs sleep per night will depress the immune system.  It is important also to be aware that our need for sleep increases when have been stressed, highly physically active or if we have breathing issues, such as sinus which can reduce the quality or our sleep.  It is recommended that we have between 7-9hrs sleep.


  • Sunlight and fresh foods

We need vitamin D from the sun, vitamins A, C, and zinc and many more to feed our immune system.  Long hours at work without sun exposure or eating process, pre-packaged and frozen food that lack vitality reduces our vitality and therefore our immune health.


  • Fever and temperatures are a good thing

When we get sick and temperatures or fevers set in, a whole cascade of events happen that trigger many facets of our immune system.  This immune activity may not be activated or as efficient if we quickly suppress a fever with paracetamol or similar cold and flu medication.  What helps you ‘soldier on’ may actually be making you struggle more.


  • Happiness and laughter

Positive thoughts and emotions have shown to decrease stress and boost immunity. Anyone who has found themselves sick after being stressed or unhappy can vouch for this.  Watch your thoughts and emotions to stay on top of how you are feeling and seek help if you need it.

A good healthy immune system is holistic with many diet and lifestyle factors affecting it. Let us know if you have any worries about your health.

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