Naturopathic support for colds and flu

Naturopaths have a unique perspective on health and illness with a focus on treating the person, not the disease.

The biological terrain theory is where a Naturopath’s approach comes from.  This is a theory that explains that if the internal environment is out of balance then imbalance, illness or infection can thrive. Everyone knows that when they are ‘run down’ they can ‘get sick’.  Our health is like a garden when it is supported with the right balance of nutrients, water and sunlight,  it will thrive.  Our body has a need for good nutrition, emotional support, lifestyle balance, exercise, sunlight and fresh air.  If we can bring our body’s into a balance where we feel well, vital and energetic then we will be more resilient and less susceptible to any illness or disease.

If you do have a cold or flu, Naturopath’s will prescribe a combination of nurturing your health to create resilience, and targeted remedies to assist the bodies natural immune functions to overcome the illness.

The following is a summary of common Naturopathic recommendations:

  • Rest: We often feel pressured to continue through work or study when sick but this will slow down or even halt the healing process. Rest is essential, calling a sick day.
  • Nourishing foods: Immune boosting bone broths, easily digested, warming soups and stews are ideal ‘sick’ foods. Fresh fruit and veggies are also helpful.
  • Herbal medicine: Herbal medicines have evidence-based, therapeutic action in the body to target specific problem such as a cough, fever, or blocked sinuses.  Some herbal medicines have strong antibacterial constituents, others, antiviral or immune supportive properties so a herbal formula prescribed by your Naturopath can have a profound impact in shifting your unique symptoms of a bacterial cold or viral flu.
  • Homeopathy: A different way to address imbalance and illness, homeopathy works with the energetics of the body and illness to shift symptoms. Prized by the English Royal family this is a valuable tool in helping our health.
  • Nutritionals: Prescribed according to peoples individual needs vitamins A, C and D and Zinc are the most commonly used nutritionals during colds and flu. Specialised Asian mushroom extracts and yeast extracts are also available for proven benefits on immune health. Again these are prescribed at therapeutic doses according to your individual needs.
  • Close monitoring of symptoms: Cold and flu symptoms should always be monitored. If symptoms worsen, or there is neck stiffness, chest pain, or difficulty breathing you must go directly to the hospital. If symptoms are strong or unusual, see your GP for a diagnosis.

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